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When is the last time that you heard from the current representative for the First District?
This campaign, and our candidate, is different.

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Get in touch with Rep. Monte Hodges

Get in touch with Rep. Monte Hodges
Please give us a week or so to get back to you, and we’ll follow up as soon as we can.


How can I sign up to volunteer?
You can sign up to volunteer by going to our Volunteer page.

Do you currently have a Facebook group?
Yes, you can join our Facebook group here or by searching “Monte Hodges for the First” and filtering by groups.

How can I donate to Rep. Hodges?
Donate to the campaign by going to ActBlue or by mailing in a check to P.O. Box 773,
Blytheville, Arkansas, 72316.

When is the official election day?
Vote for Rep. Hodges in the primary election on May 24 and the general election on Nov. 8.
View more voting information here.

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